SAMARPAN has English and regional language programs which offers the 12-step based treatment,. We have helped many people recover by incorporating the 12-step philosophy of AA and NA combined with other group therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We integrate our clients in the 12-step self help groups outside the facility such as AA and NA and utilize the large support network of the AA and NA groups. Our program includes weekly speaking visits by people in recovery to share their experience and success with our clients.



SAMARPAN provides complete, chemical dependency therapy for all adults regardless of sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation or religion. We are a spiritually based program with respect and compassion for all. We treat the disease and recognise that our clients have a disease, not a moral deficiency. Recovery in confidentiality is our motto.


Our approach to working with addiction is holistic. We believe that the solution lies in the healing of the mind, together with the body and spirit. Each patient is assigned an individual, primary therapist. Then our multidisciplinary team works with the patient to develop a personal recovery plan. This plan provides the treatment structure and goals needed for their stay at rehabilitation center SAMARPAN.

Because our philosophy is three-fold: mind, body and spirit, our program incorporates many therapies at one time. Here is a list of the various methods we incorporate:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Psycho-educational lectures
  • Expressive arts groups
  • Yoga
  • Nature cure
  • Recreation therapy
  • Exercise and meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Attendance of four 12-step meetings (AA or NA) outside of our facilities per week
  • Weekend day trips will be organized to various local attractions

Aftercare Program

SAMARPAN is committed to helping you, even after you leave our drug and alcohol rehab.

You will also have the option to continue your new sobriety in our new, semi-supervised safe house. For more information, +91 83449 93399/ 83449 92299/75026 64400 (Madurai) E-mail: samarpandeaddiction@gmail.com

As far as aftercare is concerned, you will set up an aftercare plan together with your counselor during the last portion of your treatment. But, most important is that you participate, upon your return home, at your local 12-step meetings such as AA or NA. This will further allow you to strengthen your recovery and build a network of people in recovery around you.