12 Step Rehabilitation Center

Your lifelong recovery journey is at the heart of the SAMARPAN Rehabilitation Center.

The Samarpan Relations staff is dedicated to supporting its alumni on their journey of recovery by providing activities, events and service opportunities for alumni and their families.

Are you looking for an outstanding twelve step treatment? SAMARPAN clinic in Madurai is that private treatment facility in the world. In a peaceful, secure and serene environment you can finally learn to deal your addiction and take your first steps on the road of recovery.

Our twelve step treatment

Our twelve step treatment uses proven recovery treatments that have helped many people learn to deal with their addictions. In a setting of security, comfort and serenity our patients learn how to live with their addiction. Our treatment is based on:

  • Treating the person with dignity and respect.
  • Breaking the isolation.
  • Treating the whole person as well as the illness.
  • Providing care and guidance in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Following the Twelve Step philosophy from AA and NA.
  • Extending dedicated quality professionals for the holistic therapy (mind, body and spirit) of substance dependency.

For a successful recovery it is important that the clients makes lifestyle changes and that they regain their self-esteem. Our counselors address underlying issues that are part of the addiction. By giving insight in addiction and the subsequent behavior we can guide our clients to start making different and healthier life choices. After our treatment you will be ready to continue on the road of recovery.

Recover in the spiritual heart of India

SAMARPAN is a private chemical dependency treatment center situated in the heart of Madurai, South India. Luxurious accommodations in a luxurious and secluded setting await you in one of the world's most auspicious and spiritual cities.

The program at SAMARPAN is small and exclusive. We help only a small number of clients at a time, offering you an excellent staff-to-client ratio. Because of our size, we're able to offer you a hand-tailored recovery program so you have the best possible chance to start building on your long lasting recovery.

Located in the heart of Madurai, the spiritual hub of India,, our beautiful facility is quiet and secluded offering you privacy and escape from life's distractions enabling you to focus entirely on your recovery. While Madurai offers all the amenities of a world-class city, it's also brimming with ancient Indian tradition, including the world renowned Indian cuisine and famous Indian hospitality. We hope you will join us in recovery in India, Land of the Spirit.