To begin your treatment at rehabilitation center Samarpan, you may email or call us and after which there will be a phone call between you, or a loved one, and our program director. All of our communications are confidential. We will ask you about your history of addiction, your demographic information, and your availability. You will be given information about our treatment programs and any addiction resources that may be of benefit to you. If you have any questions regarding addiction, the program director or counselors can answer these. This phone call will help you to make the right decisions on what to do.

Acceptance criteria

  • Adolescents program for young men and women between 16-23,
  • Adult Men and women between ages 23-75, adult program:
  • Complete medical detoxification prior to admittance
  • You should be physically and mentally able to participate in daily activities. If you are concerned with any physical or mental disabilities, please contact us.
  • You must be willing to abide by our treatment program rules and regulations
  • You must be willing to follow the treatment plan develop by our team of counselors.
  • Prescription medication should be stabilized and supervised by clients own MD.
  • We advise most of our patients to send current medical records if possible. If you have any medical conditions, we must be notified
  • Private pickup at the International airports
  • For escorted flights, please contact us..


Our programs last between 6 weeks and 6 months. Contact us for the costs of any of the required programs.

Terms of payment

Full payment must be made and received by us prior to commencing the program. For other payment arrangements, contact us for details.


There are certain items that you should bring with you:

  • Contact information for your primary care physician and any other key individuals,
  • Workout clothes,
  • Regular (summer) clothes,
  • Toiletries ( without any alcohol in them/no deodorants/colognes/mouthwashes and after shaves etc)
  • Swimwear,
  • Walking shoes,
  • Flip Flops / Sandals,
  • Small Bag for day trips,